“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” – Galileo Gallilei.

Jo’burg gearing up for 27th Juliet Cullinan Standard Bank Wine Festival

Gauteng, get ready for a feast of top quality wine!

Much-fêted by the media for its tastings and talks by the industry’s cellar-celebs, South Africa’s most exclusive, longest running festival showcasing the Cape’s finest wineries takes place on May 16 & 17 this year.

Visitors can taste the latest vintages, discover dozens of quality labels, discuss everything from wine evolution to regional differences with leading producers, or simply learn how to distinguish a Chenin Blanc from a Chardonnay and discover the unique nuances found in wine regions.

Hoe om jou wynkennis as beginner te verbeter

Begin sommer vandag met jou wynreis van ontdekking.

Daar is sommer baie wyninligting daarbuite, maar nie te veel goeie raad oor hoe om die wynreis te begin en wat om eerste te leer nie. Gelukkig kan mens, met so bietjie raad, redelik vinnig “wynwys” word en selfverrtoue opbou, en sommer in ’n redelike kort tydjie ook. Hierdie “gids” gaan poog om riglyne te bied oor hoe om jou wynkennis uit te brei … selfs al begin jy nou eers!

Delicious pairings with merlot

Pair with merlot for a feast!

Thinking back, I can remember a time when Merlot was all the craze, writes Eric Guido. It was widely popular and one of the most planted varieties around the world. Now, I find people telling me that they don’t like Merlot more than any other grape variety that I know. The funny part is that they usually can’t tell me why they don’t like Merlot.

Nederburg plant nuwe wingerdstokke in ou grond om geskiedenis te herdenk


Nederburg het die 225-jarige erfenis van sy stigter, Phillipus Wolvaart, gevier met ’n spesiale aanplanting van chambourcin op die Paarlse wynlandgoed wat Wolvaart in 1791 bekom het. Die chambourcin-stokke is in grond geplant wat drie jaar lank “gerus” het om die ontbinde graniet te help verbeter. Voorheen is cabernet sauvignon hier geplant.

Klawer Cellars again first out of the blocks!

The first release of the 2017 vintage.

“This Sauvignon Blanc is young, vibrant and uncomplicated. It’s for those people who enjoy their whites smooth and easy, without any frills,” says Klawer Cellars’ cellar master, Andries Blake, of their 2017 Sauvignon Blanc that has just been the released.

In the second successive year, Klawer Cellars up the West Coast has “jumped the gun” by being the first winery to introduce a wine to the South African wine loving public.

De Krans Cape Pink, 'n viering van die lewe ... in pienk!

De Krans Cape Pink, die drankie wat 'n glimlag op jou gesig sit.

Tradisie is ’n goeie ding, maar soms moet ’n mens bietjie wegbreek. Vier die volgende spesiale dag of geleentheid – hetsy verjaarsdag, huwelik of herdenking – met iets pienk, soet en dekadent … en yskoud! De Krans se Cape Pink sal jou smaakkliere aan die gons sit, en ’n groot glimlag op jou gesig. Die De Krans Cape Pink is ewe geskik as aptytwekker, of sommer net om te geniet.

A Red Wine Secret: Extended Maceration

Maceration in action.

Winemakers are full of secrets. They collect little tricks of the trade that help them concoct exceptional wines the same way chefs safeguard secret ingredients and clever techniques, but sooner or later word gets out and everyone catches on.

Skud die vere reg vir die Cluver-familie se Oesdag

'n Fees vir familie en vriende.

Ontsnap bietjie van die gewoel en gewerskaf van die stadslewe en geniet ’n heerlike gesinsdag in die hart van die rustige Elgin-wynvallei. Die geleentheid is die Cluver-familie se Oesdag, die plek is die bekende Paul Cluver Wines en die datum is Saterdag, 1 April. En dis geen grap nie! Kom kyk self tussen 11vm en 4nm.

The Vineyard’s Most Wanted

One of the vineyard's "most wanted".

There are a number of different pests and diseases that affect vineyards worldwide and each presents a different challenge depending on the climate and growing practices of that region, writes Nova McCune Cadamatre. These viticultural “criminals” that affect grapevines come in several different forms, including insects, bacteria, viruses and fungi. To be considered a “most wanted” suspect, they must have the potential to inflict severe economic impact on the industry in that particular region. The list below is by no means an exhaustive list, however, it does cover the top suspects.

A Grilling Guide for Chicken, with Wine Suggestions

Grilled chicken becomes a gastronomic feast with the right wine.

Chicken is like the blank canvas of the culinary world, writes Gregory Dal Piaz, mild and amenable, it’s an easy vehicle to bring global flavors to life. So this summer, instead of just slathering on the barbeque sauce, let your chicken take you to the far flung corners of taste.

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