Cosecha’s Latin flavours and relaxed atmosphere make for a great experience

A great place to enjoy a great experience of good food, good wine and good company!

When I recently decided to spoil the love of my life with something different  from the usual cuisine we enjoy on a regular basis at our numerous favourite restaurants, I booked us a table at cosecha restaurant on the Noble Hill Wine Estate at the foot of the well-known Simonsberg mountain near Simondium.

At cosecha they serve a mix of traditional Mexican dishes like Beef Enchiladas with Borracho Beans and more contemporary interpretations of the Latin palate. Each dish is paired with a different Noble Hill wine.

Now, my wife is not a fan of spicy food, but I thought we should give cosecha a try for the simple reason that I believe variety is the spice of life. No pun intended! And that one should try most things at least once in life. So I was really hoping that cosecha’s spicy food would not be too much for her and that she would enjoy the experience as much as I knew, or hoped, I was going to.

But before I tell you about our Sunday lunch, allow me to tell you about the car I test drove that week for our Wiele section. Chevrolet’s new Captiva and Cruz models truly impressed me last year, especially the Cruz, and I awaited the arrival of the new Sonic with anticipation. Maybe I expected too much, or maybe the sedan I just handed back spoilt me, but I wasn’t as impressed with the Sonic as I expected to be. My wife, on the other hand, liked it very much indeed ... after only one drive, but she agreed that the royal blue paint job was a real put-off! Read more  at and make up your own mind.

Left: Our waiter prepares the Guacamole at our table.

But back to cosecha. Cosecha, a Spanish word for "harvest," reflects the restaurant’s location next to the harvest area where grapes are sorted and crushed. It also expresses the owners’ desire to bring the farm-fresh, Latin flavors of their family's south-west American roots to Cape Town.

Cosecha serves breakfast all day, offering a traditional farm breakfast or mouthwatering Huevos Rancheros (literally, "ranch eggs"): crisp corn tortillas topped with beans, fried eggs and shredded sharp cheddar served with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.

From the patio guests have a relaxed, peaceful view of the gardens and reservoir. From the deck, guests can sit in one of their comfortable couches and read the paper or taste delicious Noble Hill wines, look downwards through large glass panels into the farm's barrel maturation cellar, and admire the breathtaking views of Kanonkop and the Simonsberg.

It’s always a good sign when you are welcomed by the owners of an establishment, I feel, and the very friendly welcome by Kathleen Tillery at the restaurant set the table for the rest of the day. We were shown to our table and then settled in to take in the lovely surroundings.

Although the service initially was a bit slow, it speeded up once we placed our orders and from then on the lunch simply took off on its wonderful, laid-back journey. We kicked off with Guacamole consisting of fresh avocado, tomato, onion, homemade spices and warm tortilla chips which our waiter prepared at our table and spiced to our taste. I ordered a glass of the local sauvignon blanc from the 2011 vintage while Sharon had her usual, caffeine free drink.

Right: My wife's choice for main meal, the Prawn Wrap, was an absolute winner!

The Guacamole cost R58 for two, while the glass of sauvignon blanc was R19. Her liquid refreshment cost R10.

This was followed by Bocaditos, or small plates (tapas), where I ordered Carpaccio (seasonal venison, olive oil and anejo tequila), followed by Carne asada soft tacos (grilled beef, refried beans, avocado, goat’s cheese and pink onions). This I shared with a glass of the local Syrah 2008. The prices were R65 and R48 respectively, and the glass of wine was R27.

My princess decided on a Prawn Wrap (prawns in citrus reduction, chopped lettuce and flour tortilla) which cost R65. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the Carpaccio, I was less impressed with the Carne. She disagreed after a taste of the Carne, but we both agreed that her Prawn Wrap was a hit!

We skipped the Platos, which were obviously larger portions or “big plates”, and settled on Red Velvet Cheese Cake for her and Mississippi Mud Cake for me as a grand finale. The word WOW! comes to mind when I think back to those two desserts. We ended this wonderful gastromic experience with coffee.

Okay, let’s have a look at how cosecha scored with us. We work on the following points system:

1 – 3: Poor

4 – 6: Average

7 – 8: Good

9  – 10: Excellent

If our experience is exceptional, we will give 12 points, but that will really only happen in exceptional cases.

Left: My swan song, Mississippi Mud Cake, with double espresso. The red wine was left over from my main dish, but actually went down superbly with this decadent dessert!


As far as atmosphere was concerned, we both gave cosecha a 9. Whether you’re sitting on the deck, the patio or the lawn under the trees, the tranquility, the lush surrounding and the views will get you in the right mood for a super dining experience. The service started off as a 6, but gradually grew into an 8. The presentation of the food received an 8 from both of us, while I also gave the food an 8, mainly because of the Carne, but my better half was more impressed and gave it a 9. For overall experience, we both gave cosecha a 9.


But before I forget, brats running around the lawn nearly spoilt our fun at the beginning of our lunch, but after chasing them back to their irresponsible and selfish parents, we got back to what one does when in the company of good food, good wine and good company. I still find it incomprehensible though that adults can be so insensitive, irresponsible and selfish that they allow their brats to inconvenience others while they carry on as if they’re completely oblivious!


For more information about cosecha restaurant, or to book, call 021-874-3844, send an email to or visit


We WILL be back!