SAC unleashes “The Beast” Land Cruiser 200VX

"The Beast".

The engineers at Steves Auto Clinic have long suspected that the 4.5 D-4D V8 turbodiesel engine that hides under the bulging bonnet of the Toyota Land Cruiser VX200 could offer so much more. There must be more to this imposing off-roader than the 173kW and 615Nm that the turbodiesel engine is rated for when it leaves the factory in Japan, they reckoned. It is, after all, a V8 fitted with two turbos, so gaining extra power should be no problem!

After countless hours spent on the dynamometer, SAC have found a way to unleash the Toyota Land Cruiser VX’s hidden power. So much power was lying in reserve, they decided to call this power upgrade “The Beast”.

SAC work very closely with the team from Dastek Power and Unichip to develop, test and fit the world’s best performance enhancing chips. What distinguishes SAC from the competition is that they map the engine in three dimensions and consider engine speed and engine load alongside other parameters, such as fuel mixture, boost and ignition.

Their engineers are also not happy with merely testing a conversion once and then fitting it to any vehicle and hope that it works properly. They monitor and test new performance upgrades to breaking point and still insist that every vehicle that is fitted with the conversion be tested in full on their dynamometer to ensure that the chip considers the vehicle’s condition and age, the driver profile and the environment and altitude in which the vehicle will be used daily.

But back to “The Beast”. How does an increase of more than 20 percent in vehicle power and 50 percent more torque sound like? That’s right, your Toyota Land Cruiser VX200 will now have around 200kW and 900Nm on tap. These are torque levels previously reserved for trucks and supercars!

What is more, this Unichip Plug and Play conversion offers five different engine maps (programmes) that have all been tested and proven in South African conditions by the SAC test engineers.

The first map allows for a standard operation, which is exactly as the engine left the factory. Next up is a special map that changes the V8’s character to prioritise fuel economy, this is a very popular choice for city dwellers stuck in regular traffic.

Then the Off-Road and Towing selection, which completely changes the engines’ operation to befit low-down grunt and which makes the engine very responsive to even the slightest touch of the accelerator.

Maps 4 and 5 will unleash “The Beast” from its cage. In Map 4 you have access to that deep well of extra power, and you will immediately feel the change in acceleration and top speed.

Dare to choose Map 5 and you will suddenly understand why Stephen Fischer, SAC Group Founder, and SAC have been considered the performance specialists for more than 30 years. In Map 5 mode you will find yourself pushed back in your backrest as the big and bulky 200 Series suddenly forgets about its weight, ignores the laws of physics and bolts forward.

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