The Ferrari 812 Superfast: The most powerful and fastest ever!

Super fast!

Ferrari has selected the 87th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show for the world premiere of the new 12-cylinder berlinetta, the 812 Superfast, the most powerful and fastest Ferrari in the marque's history.

This  new car  not  only  introduces a  plethora  of  innovative features, but  is also particularly significant as  the V12 series marked the  official  start  of  the glorious Prancing Horse story in 1947, 70 years ago this year.

The 812 Superfast thus ushers in a new era in Ferrari 12-cylinder history, in doing so building on the invaluable legacies of the F12berlinetta and F12tdf.  It is aimed at clients   demanding   the   most   powerful   and   exclusive   Ferrari in the range:   an uncompromising sports car that will deliver exhilarating driving both on road and track yet also be comfortable enough to allow its owners enjoy it as an all-round experience.


Powered by a new 6.5-litre V12 engine that unleashes 800 cv (588 kW), the 812 Superfast is the new benchmark in the mid-front-engined sports car segment, achieving maximum power output at 8,500 rpm, which translates to a specific power output of 123 cv/1, figures that no other  front-engined production car  has  ever even come  near  to delivering and which ensure the  kind of  thrilling top-end performance that  is the exclusive characteristic of Ferrari's noble V12 heritage.

Maximum torque is 718 N.m @  7,000  rpm, a significant 80% of which is already available at 3,500 rpm, improving both driveability and pick-up even at low revs.

The 812 Superfast' s dual-clutch transmission has specific gear ratios which, combined with shorter up and down-shifting times between gears, sharpen throttle response still further.