Wine producers, winemakers, wines, etc./Wynprodusente, wynmakers, wyne, ens.

The Vineyards of Prague

Enjoying a glass (or two) while overlooking Prague!

When we flew into Václav Havel Airport outside Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, at the end of August, we were looking forward to discovering the City of a Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument and apparent

The Old Vine Project: Celebrating SA's wine heritage

Old ... but strong!

Old vines make wines that reflect the earth and the terroir they grow in. They reflect the scorching summers and the long icy cold rainy Cape winter days they have endured over decades. They exist because of the people who touched and tended them over many years.

Wine of Origin: know it, preserve it, protect it!

Know where your wine comes from.

Because the role of origin is so important, an origin control system has for many years been in place in the traditional winelands of Europe, to protect both the producer and consumer.

How much sugar is in wine?

Sugar in wine.

Many red and white wines taste dry (as in “not sweet”) but do contain small to moderate amounts of sugar. The question is, how much? And is there some way to identify wines with or without residual sugar?

Wine in the movies and on TV

A scene for the movie Sideways.

We've had a relationship with wine for several millennia … and counting. This relationship has been documented in a number of ways, but so much has been lost to the ravages of time. Gaps in history leave wine culture open to interpretation, but with the dawn of modern media, things have changed. Whether we like it or not, modern media will help us to understand more about how wine has been consumed during any given era – including the present.

Groenland het ’n pragtige storie te vertel, oor ’n glasie heerlike wyn!

Kosie en Piet Sreenkamp geniet 'n glasie van Groenland se vlagskipwyn.

Van my lekkerste en kosbaarste wynervarings is besoeke aan minder bekende en minder kommersiële wynprodusente. Minder bekend omdat mens selde indien ooit iets van hulle in die media lees en minder kommersieel omdat mens selde indien ooit advertensies van hulle sien. Ek kry dan die kans om lekker wyn te proe en rustig met die eienaar en/of wynmaker self te gesels, en dikwels gaan daai gesprekke oor baie meer as die lekker wyne wat ons proe.

Chenin Blanc strikes back!

SA offers an astonishing array of chenin blanc.

Like so many wine lovers, one of the first places I go to for great Chenin Blanc is South Africa, writes Mark Angelillo.

White wine varieties grown in South Africa

Wine, a wonderful journey of discovery!

Three years ago I was amazed at the large number of wine grape varieties in Croatia, especially the white varieties. The wines made from these grapes didn’t disappoint either. This got me thinking about white wine cultivars in South Africa. How many are there really?

Red wine varieties grown in South Africa

Pour yourself a glass of wine and be at peace!

“How many red wine cultivars are grown in South Africa?” I asked members of a small wine club recently. They looked at each other, questioningly, then at me, and then a few started counting on their fingers.

Say hello to chenin blanc!

Chenin blanc, for the wise and stylish and cool!

If white wines are going to have a heyday once again, it’s beginning now. While critics have been preoccupied with red wines lately, white wines have been staging a quiet revolution, introducing new drinkers to drier styles with the same quenching freshness of an ice cold beer… but without the carbs.

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