Wine producers, winemakers, wines, etc./Wynprodusente, wynmakers, wyne, ens.

Stellenzicht se Guy Webber het ’n passie vir pinotage ... en die lewe!

Stellenzicht se Guy Webber, 'n man met passie vir die lewe!

As daar nou ’n man is wat die verpersoonliking is van die wyn wat hy maak, is dit Guy Webber van Stellenzicht. Guy is die afgelope 18 jaar die wynmaker op hierdie bekende Stellenbosse wynlandgoed.

The complete wine colour chart

Let the journey continue!

Colour is one of the most complex attributes of wine because there are several variables that affect it.  The 4 primary variables are variety, vintage, region and winemaking.  For example, as white wines age, they increase in colour intensity until they eventually go brown.

The lifecycle of a wine grapevine

A grapevine.

You may have heard the phrase “great wine is made in the vineyard”, and it’s true! Great wines come from great grapes. So, let’s take a look at the lifecycle of a grapevine and learn how each season affects that year’s vintage.

How wine barrels affect the taste of wine

A barrel and ceramic serving decanters are depicted in this 1600s Dutch scene.

Before there were glass bottles (1600’s and before), most wines were stored and sold in wooden barrels. In fact, paintings from around this time period often show wine barrels strewn about. And, while we’ve outgrown the necessity for barrels to store and transport wine, we’ve come to acquire a taste for it.

Wine Serving Survival Guide

Wine - in all its magnificent forms - should be enjoyed AND appreciated!

This guide covers wine serving order, wine serving temperature, wine serving social etiquette, as well as opening and serving bottles during dinner.

How white wine is made

Summer in a glass!

Did you know that white wine can be made with red or white grapes? The major difference between making red wine and white wine is that the juice is fermented without the grape’s skins when making white wine.

How to tell if wine has gone bad

Telling good wine from bad by its colour.

Open for over a week? It’s past its peak!

Kanu brings blessings in a bottle

Kanu offers much more than just stunning views.

According to legend, kanu is a mythical bird of promise whose appearance in the African skies signals the blessings of a bountiful harvest for all those who fall under its shadow. The wines which carry this name celebrate this legend.

How yeast affects the taste of wine

An actual image of Saccharomyces.

So much of our understanding of flavor in wine comes from a focus on grapes, but there is another major ingredient involved in winemaking that greatly affects the flavour, namely yeast.

Wine bouquet versus wine aroma

Aroma versus bouquet!

The terms wine aroma

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