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North Carolina, USA: An underrated wine region

North Carolina, USA.

Let’s take a trip back in time, suggests Kevin Chandler. Close your eyes and imagine yourself an English explorer, a shipmate of Sir Walter Raleigh’s. You've just braved the Atlantic crossing and are rowing to shore towards a strange island on a forbidding coast. Yet, immediately on landing, you see a very familiar site: grapes. Lots of them.

Considering the wines of Serbia

Tasting Serbian wine!

I first encountered Serbian wines two years ago at the Balkans International Wine Competition, writes Christy Canterbury MW. My discovery was about more than some new, exciting wines; it was also about a renaissance of vineyards, varieties and heritage. Over the last fifteen years, as Serbia began gathering its wits after Yugoslavia’s crack-up, winemakers have been ratcheting up wine quality. They have invested in their vineyards and their wineries. It’s enough activity for the wine world to start paying attention.

A reverence for Georgian wines

Qvevri used for Georgia's most precious wines.

Wine geeks are sometimes told to lighten-up, writes Christy Canterbury MW. Wine isn’t “just a drink”, “just a grocery”.

When it comes to serving whites at 42° F versus 47° F, matching wines to specific glasses and pairing Assyrtiko rather than Sauvignon Blanc with crudo, I agree. However, I suggest you don’t tell a Georgian to chill about wine. In this dramatically rugged Caucasus Mountains country, wine is holy. And not just the communion wine.

The magic of Mount Etna in Sicily

Mount Etna with vineyards in the foreground.

Mount Etna is located in northeastern Sicily in the province of Catania. Viticulture on the lower slopes of Mt. Etna dates back millennia. We live, however, in an age where we want to know what you have done for me lately. That’s good news for Etna’s DOC wines. Winemaking on Europe’s most active volcano is hot, both literally and figuratively.

The true genesis of Super Tuscan wine: What happens when the French and Italians come together in a single bottle?

When the Italians and the French meet in a bottle!

The term Super Tuscan was born a controversy some 40 years ago. The controversy is ongoing, writes Julien Miquel.

At this point, trying to define Super Tuscans is a waste of time. There have been arguments for decades over questions such as: What defines Super Tuscans in terms of taste? What makes a wine qualify for the Super Tuscan title? Exactly what composes a Super Tuscan? There are no strict answers to these questions. We’re talking about Italy here, the champion of small producers and diversity. Tuscany embodies that diversity, and Super Tuscan wines are as diverse as Tuscany itself.

The rising tide of Barbera

Barbera, the grape and the wine.

It always seemed odd to us that in Piemonte, the land of Barolo, the King of Wines and the Wine of Kings, we would always find a bottle of Barbera in front of us on the table. So say Victor Rallo Jr and Anthony Verdoni. The answer was and is simple: Barbera is bountiful, versatile, delicious and moderate in price. The Piemontesi drink more reds than whites and almost 50% of the reds that they enjoy are Barbera. It is part of their culture and lifestyle. Barbera is Piemonte’s “go to” wine.

The low-down on Cava!

Cava, Spain's contribution to the world of bubbly!

There are dozens of sparkling wines made around the world – Champagne (probably the most well-known) and another 20 or so similar wines made in France; Cava made in Spain; Portuguese Espumante; Spumante

The art of blind tasting: How much would you bet on your wine’s identity?

Have fun with wine ... and learn at the same time!

It’s urban legend that top wine pros can blindly identify a wide array of wines, writes Christy Canterbury MW. Blindly naming a wine’s provenance, vintage, and vineyard is the most humbling exercise in the wine world. But there are some things you can do to get closer to the correct answer. This is a rich, endless topic. For right now, we’ll focus on the identification of unique wine styles. Are you up for the challenge?

Starting Out: Set and Setting Matters

Madeira: Twenty years on the comeback trail!

Madeira wine ... from Madeira!

Cyprus and Paphos vales, the smiling Loves

Does soil truly influence the flavour of wine?

Does soil really play a role?

Hang around wine geeks for any length of time and you are sure to hear the word terroir mentioned, writes Jamie Goode.

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