Menings oor wyn en wynverwante aangeleenthede/Views on wine and wine related maters.

Brandewyn: As jy nie weet wat jy nie weet nie!

Vir die fynproewer!

Persepsie kan darem maar ’n bliksem wees! Hoewel dit dikwels absoluut niks met die werklikheid te make het nie, aanvaar baie mense dit vir die waarheid. Ongelukkig meet min mense hul persepsies aan die waarheid of werklikheid en leef hulle in absolute onkunde voort. ’n Geval van “as jy nie weet wat jy nie weet nie”, of “ignorance is bliss”!

Een van die beste voorbeelde van hoe verkeerd persepsie kan wees, is dié oor brandewyn. Dit het weer eens ter sprake gekom tydens ’n onlangse besoek aan KWV se House of Fire in die Paarl toe aan die brandewyngids gevra is hoekom whisky steeds gewilder as brandewyn is.

Chianti for every day

Chianti in a straw-covered fiasci.

Often overlooked, and suffering still from its days in straw-covered fiasci, Chianti continues to offer great value to the savvy shopper, writes Gregory Dal Piaz. A large region of Tuscany is devoted to the production of Chianti of all sorts and stripes, and while the wines may not be the rock bottom values of the past, they are also not the thin, shrill wines they once were.

The South African wine you’ve never heard of but should be drinking

The grapes for the new darling varietal!

The South African wine industry is one of those new regions you might be hearing about more and more, writes Shane Sokol. It’s ironic, because even though it’s considered New World, South Africa’s wine tradition is over 300 years old. The irony is not lost on young winemakers in the region, who are finding inspiration in the past.

Cinsault, a grape that has risen and fallen in popularity over time, is now being embraced as the new darling varietal. With these wines coming stateside and leaving a big impression on the wine community, you should be paying attention to Cinsault.

Get thirsty: Innovation is sweeping South Africa!

The stunningly beautiful Cape winelands.

The status of South African wine in the USA is lamentable, says Christy Canterbury MW. Even in New York City, where the most diverse selection of wine styles and origins in the world spoils imbibers, South Africa barely appears on the radar screen.

Don’t belittle wine in a box

Box wine, a very good alternative.

Box wine, depending on who you ask, is either the future of wine or the ugly stepsister, writes Jon Thorsen. Long hailed with amazing potential, what actually gets to the market rarely seems to live up ... or does it?

Does wine have a gender?


Esteemed wine critics like Robert Parker and Antonio Galloni employ gender-positive terms in their tasting notes without compunction. “Masculine” wines are commonly associated with structure and power, while “feminine” wines can be perceived as delicate and thin.

Is Grenache the next Pinot Noir?

Grenache grapes.

Hindsight, of course, is 20/20, and looking back at the surge of popularity that Pinot Noir experienced over the past decade, one can see some of the factors that helped to contribute to the grapes rise in fortune, writes Gregory Dal Piaz. Of course we all attribute a considerable impact to the movie Sideways, which glamorized Pinot Noir like no other grape before. Add to this the growing popular awareness of the so-called French paradox and the wine industry's passionate affair with Pinot Noir and you have all the pieces in place, save one: the consumer.

Wie nie vra nie, weet nie!

Die onkundige is die een wat bang is om "dom" vrae te vra!

Hoekom is mense so bang om vrae te vra oor wyn? As jy nie vra nie, sal jy nie weet nie, en hoe meer jy vra, hoe meer leer jy tog. Die mense wat níé vra nie, is diegene wat in onkunde vasgevang bly. Moet dus nie bang wees nie, vra en leer meer. Onthou, daar is baie mense wat ‘n sug van verligting gaan slaak omdat jy die vrae vra wat hulle eintlik te bang is om te vra.

Oor die jare heen het ek talle vrae ontvang van mense wat die wynreis van ontdekking met my meemaak. Waar ek kon, het ek geantwoord, en waar ek nie kon nie, het ek self gaan kers opsteek by mense wat meer as ek weet. En ek doen dit vandag steeds!

Hoe om jou wynkennis as beginner te verbeter

Begin sommer vandag met jou wynreis van ontdekking.

Daar is sommer baie wyninligting daarbuite, maar nie te veel goeie raad oor hoe om die wynreis te begin en wat om eerste te leer nie. Gelukkig kan mens, met so bietjie raad, redelik vinnig “wynwys” word en selfverrtoue opbou, en sommer in ’n redelike kort tydjie ook. Hierdie “gids” gaan poog om riglyne te bied oor hoe om jou wynkennis uit te brei … selfs al begin jy nou eers!

The rise of non-traditional wine blends

Blends: you just gotta love 'em!

Here in the United States we are on a first-name basis with our wine grapes, writes Mark Angelillo. The majority of casual wine drinkers understand what “Merlot”, “Moscato”, and “Cabernet” mean. Nowadays “Pinot” and even “Riesling” are familiar pals too. This is largely because the United States and other New World regions label their wines by varietal rather than geographic area.

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