Menings oor wyn en wynverwante aangeleenthede/Views on wine and wine related maters.

The greatest tragedy in the wine industry

Wine: keep it simple and just enjoy it!

I’m a wine insider, writes Ryan Opaz. I’ve met, or known, most of the big names in wine today; and from time to time, have had the honor to collaborate with them. I run a large-ish conference about wine communications. I’ve judged in wine competitions, consulted wineries on marketing strategies, blogged about wine for 10+ years and drank many wines that I can’t afford. I offer this as context.

Size does matter, really!

The different wine bottle sizes.

You learn something every day, and last Saturday was no exception, writes John Downes MW. Did you know that at a Christening the bottle of celebration Champagne should be bigger than the baby? That means of course that a single bottle that holds a mere 750 millilitres is nowhere near big enough.

How to avoid ‘wine list agony’

Do not fear the "wine waiter"!

We’ve all been there, writes John Downs. You’re shown to your table. You’re feeling good. Then the wine waiter (or sommelier) appears with the wine list. The table goes quiet as everybody prays that the inevitable game of pass the parcel doesn’t end with the leather bound tome in their lap. As the wine list circulates, waves of pressure and an air of intimidation sweep across the white linen. But hold on, why should one person in a black suit carrying a book cause so much hassle on what should be a relaxing night out with friends?

Cabernet franc: Varietal of the future?

Is cabernet franc the future?

Cabernet Franc is a tricky wine, writes Caroline Vice. From anecdotal evidence, one either loves it or hates it, having been scarred by bad ones. I am in the former camp, after being wooed by Ormonde’s wild and juicy Ondine Cabernet Franc. And since, I have been on a hunt to sniff out as many single varietal Cabernet Francs as I can.

It’s time to get serious about rosé!

The all-weather wine!

This is the time of the year that you see a slew of rosé wine reviews, as the summer is known as pink wine season, writes Jeff Kralik. This is underscored by the fact that most wineries release their rosés in the spring, no doubt in an effort to latch on to the popular sentiment.

Drink half a bottle of red wine before bed to lose more weight

Drink red wine, lose weight!

Craving sweets before bed, but don’t want to ruin your diet? Well, feel free to pour yourself a glass of wine instead! New research shows that drinking half a bottle of wine before bed can help curb sugar cravings, so you can lose weight faster.

The 7 mistakes everyone makes at a wine shop (or wine estate)

Are you also guilty of these "mistakes"?

For many people, heading to the local wine shop can be an intimidating and anxiety-inducing experience, writes Adam Teeter. All you want to do is get in and get out with a bottle of wine you’re going to enjoy. But in your state of panic, you’re likely to make a few mistakes that may cause you to be less than thrilled with your bottle when you finally arrive home. These are the 7 most common.

Seven reasons why drinking Champagne (or MCC) is scientifically good for you!

Drink Cap Classique, it's good for you!

You needn’t feel guilty next time you pop the champagne cork at a wedding, christening or perhaps just a particularly indulgent breakfast, writes Kate Lough. The fizzy stuff is actually good for you. So next time you raise a glass, remember the below health benefits of drinking bubbles - in moderation, of course.

Five good (and smart) reasons to drink red wine every night

Enjoy red wine, regularly!

Do you need a reasonable excuse to drink at least one or two glasses of wine each night? How about five (reasons, not glasses)? In addition to catching a nice buzz and increasing your levels of wittiness, drinking red wine every night brings some very legit health benefits.

The surprising benefits of wine all require self-control

The benefit of moderation?

What should you be drinking (and how much) to promote a healthy wine lifestyle? Turns out, if you stick to the moderate drinker lifestyle, there are some major benefits.

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