Menings oor wyn en wynverwante aangeleenthede/Views on wine and wine related maters.

'There are 2 types of women, red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers'

Can you spot the white wine and red wine drinker?

Women and wine go together like melted chocolate and strawberries. It’s one of the most sacred, functional relationships known to man.

WINE OF THE WEEK: Koggelbos Mount Abora Chenin Blanc 2012

Ons wyn van die week is 'n chenin blanc wat jou smaakkliere betower, en jou laat smag na nog!

“If a life of wine, women and song becomes too much, give up the singing.” – Anonymous. “And just put on a CD!” – Bacchus.

Well, both Anonymous and Bacchus have forgotten one very important thing, food. Okay, and friends.

Sauvignon blanc: The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of wine grapes

Sauvignon blanc grapes.

Sauvignon Blanc will always keep you guessing, says Alex Tilling. On the one hand it is capable of making a wine that can boast ethereal grace and complexity, yet on the other it can be raw, green and aggressively unbalanced. It is a simple case of the have’s and the have not’s: Those that have the right soil (poor), the right climate (cool) and the passion (low yields come at a cost), versus those that do not.

WYN VAN DIE WEEK: Lanzerac Mrs English 2012

'n Dame waarop 'n man maklik sy hart (en kop) kan verloor!

Die afgelope week se wonderlike wynreis van ontdekking het op Nederburg begin en toe verskuif na Longridge en Lanzerac. Dit het sjampanje, witwyn, rooiwyn en rosé ingesluit, en ’n heerlike dessertwyn.

Maar laat ek met daai aarbeikleurige een begin. Dit was tydens Nederburg se jaarlikse “Oes teen Sonsondergang”-makietie wat Saterdagmiddag omstreeks vieruur afgeskop en ge-eindig het toe die biesies begin bewe. Ek is ’n groot fan van droë rosé-wyne, enersyds omdat hulle so veelsydig is en andersyds omdat hulle op hul eie net soveel genot verskaf met ’n groot verskeidenheid disse.

WINE OF THE WEEK: Conradie Family Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Our Wine of the Week as photographed by Ian McNairn of McNairn PHOTOGRAPHY.

This week only wines from the picturesque Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertson came in for consideration for our “coveted” title. Well, that’s not entirely true because the Friday evening we had an awesome shiraz from Australia with braaivleis which I felt would not be beaten the next day, or the next week for that matter. That was after kicking off the evening with a bottle of 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from Conradie Family Vineyards which had my wife’s Scottish family raving.

WYN VAN DIE WEEK: Solms-Delta Amalie 2013

Ons wyn van die week ... met pizza!

Na ’n relatief droë Januarie, afgedwing deur die uitspattighede van die vakansieseisoen, het dit weer tyd geword om my wonderlike wynreis van ontdekking te hervat. Ek meen te sê, ’n mens kan waaragtig ook net so lank op die waterkar wees dan begin daai ou gesegde dat “’n maaltyd sonder wyn is soos ’n dag sonder sonskyn” al hoe waarder te word, en dit verander sommer gou-gou in “‘n dag sonder wyn is soos ... wel, ’n vleisbraai sonder vleis”!

More reasons why wine will improve your health in 2015: The research doesn’t lie!

Stay healthy, drink wine!

Popping the cork, it turns out, may be exactly what the doctor ordered, writes James Duren.

Why we all should still drink wine in Drynuary!

Yes, we love wine!

You may not always be in the mood for wine talk, especially after a long, indulgence-drenched holiday season, writes Claudia Angelillo. Many of us have taken the “Drynuary” pledge (a personal promise to avoid alcohol consumption during the month of January) only to fail miserably within the first week. Sound familiar? If yes, you are in good company.

Top 10 wine faux pas

The "holy cows" of wine are slaughtered!

The world of wine needn’t be an intimidating gauntlet of unexplainable terms and stuffy etiquette, but being aware of some common pitfalls can’t hurt, writes Lauren Eads.

Society is awash with perceived expectations and etiquette when it comes to drinking wine, many of which are wholly off the mark.

Top 10 most irritating wine terms

A bible for wine terms?

The wine world offers a rich tapestry of styles and personalities to excite the most jaded gastronome. However, as a random sample of tasting notes or back labels will show, the vocabulary used to describe this remarkable spectrum can be remarkably ineffectual and at times downright irritating, writes Gabriel Stone.

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