Menings oor wyn en wynverwante aangeleenthede/Views on wine and wine related maters.

WINE OF THE WEEK: Kloovenburg Sauvignon Blanc 2015

The communist and the capitalist!

Wood with wine is like make-up with women. In both cases it’s there only to support and to complement, not to hide. Hiding a good wine behind wood is like a beautiful woman hiding behind make-up. It’s a total waste!

I was reminded again what an essential yet delicate part wood can play on wine after a wonderful presentation of three Kloovenburg wines (two vintages of each) at Burrata in The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. The wines, all white, were paired with pizza, and it worked beautifully.

WYN VAN DIE WEEK: Le Bonheur Prima 2010

Le Bonheur se Prima 2010 met die 2012- Sauvignon Blanc links en die Tricorne 2009 regs.

“Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love all year round, madam, that is all there is to distinguish us from other animals.”

Ek het aan die eerste gedeelte van Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais se aanhaling uit The Marriage of Figaro gedink toe ek hierdie week se wyne geniet het. Net so terloops, die Fransman het tussen 1732 en 1799 geleef en het The Marriage of Figaro in 1784 geskryf.

Maar mens moet natuurlik nie wyn drink as jy dors is nie, net as jy lus is. Lus is vir wyn!

WINE OF THE WEEK: Lemberg Hárslevelü 2013

Lemberg's Hungarian wine did very well on its own as well as with this chicken salad.

“The best wine is the wine you like the most, irrespective of brand, price or awards. Your tongue is the only expert you need to pay attention to.”

I’ll never forget these wise words from a true blue wine guru many, many moons ago when an ignorant student enquired about the best wines. Ever since then, his words have stayed with me as some kind of wine mantra.

WYN VAN DIE WEEK: Alto Rouge 2009

Alto se uitmuntende 2009- Alto Rouge.

Dis moeilik om wyn te drink en te geniet as jy plat op jou rug lê. Vir ses weke lank was ek meer horisontaal as vertikaal danksy ’n kleinerige rug-operasie. Glo my, die herstelperiode is baie, baie erger as die operasie self en die vyf dae in die hospitaal. Maar dit daar gelaat!

Die eerste geleentheid wat ek dus weer gekry het om een van my gunsteling-tydverdrywe te geniet, dis nou wyn, het ek met albei hande aangegryp, letterlik én figuurlik!

WINE OF THE WEEK: Lanzerac Le Général 2009

Our WINE OF THE WEEK, Lanzerac's flagship red blend.

After giving my liver a break, but still enjoying the odd glass of wine with meals, I got back on the bike, in a manner of speaking, with four quite superb wines this past week.

My journey into wine started with a 2009 Rietvallei Estéanna, a blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc en petit verdot. Rietvallei is situated in the Robertson Wine Valley, for those who don’t know. The wine boasts a deep ruby red colour and quite expressive cherry and cassis aromas in the nose with hints of violets, while flavours of cherries abound in the mouth with undertones of vanilla and cedar. It’s a very elegant wine which I enjoyed on its own while preparing a potjie, and it proved itself to be as good a companion for food.

Giving wine competitions more competition!

Are there too many wine competitions in SA?

Does it make sense to register for competitions when you’re almost certain you’ll never walk away with the laurels?

WYN VAN DIE WEEK: Arendsig Grenache 2014

Ons WYN VAN DIE WEEK, Arendsig se Grenache 2014.

Vandeesweek is dit net wyne uit een van my gunsteling-wynstreke wat in aanmerking kom vir die titel WYN VAN DIE WEEK. En ja, ek praat van die Robertson-wynvallei met sy skatkis vol juwele – kos, wyn en veel, veel meer!

Kom ons begin by Zandvliet. Sewe wyne uit hierdie bekende en bekroonde kelder het my tong bekoor en drie het vir my uitgestaan, naamlik die 2014- Zandvliet Chardonnay, die 2011- Shiraz en die 2009- Kalkveld Shiraz.

Give canned wine a chance!

Wine in a can.

Wine in a can is a topic getting a lot of discussion lately, says Jon Thorsen. Purists says that the aluminum canister can’t possibly be good for wine, that metal flavors will seep into the wine and that the form factor ruins the experience. And taking a glance at some of the recent poor reviews, it seems as though that may be the case.

But there’s an important distinction to be made here: the term “wine in a can” is really a misnomer because most of what is on the market is not really wine at all, just something that loosely resembles wine.

'There are 2 types of women, red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers'

Can you spot the white wine and red wine drinker?

Women and wine go together like melted chocolate and strawberries. It’s one of the most sacred, functional relationships known to man.

WINE OF THE WEEK: Koggelbos Mount Abora Chenin Blanc 2012

Ons wyn van die week is 'n chenin blanc wat jou smaakkliere betower, en jou laat smag na nog!

“If a life of wine, women and song becomes too much, give up the singing.” – Anonymous. “And just put on a CD!” – Bacchus.

Well, both Anonymous and Bacchus have forgotten one very important thing, food. Okay, and friends.

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